Tuesday, June 22

Sunday sketch week4

So I totally missed this Sunday Sketch.

from Handstamped from the Heart... but I like the idea and I was working on it in steps. I finally finished it on (the following)Sunday, but by then a new sketch was up and I had missed the linky... Oh well!!

I have TONS of different kinds of paper, so the hard part was deciding on a theme... I am definitely going to make this card again with some of my other papers. I confess, this time I picked paper I didn't like and that I wanted to get rid of use up!!

Mostly, I agonized over what sentiment to use... so many to choose from and I didn't like any of them, they were all smaller than I wanted. So I made a few of each...

Here's the other one!

I can NOT stamp cards, take pictures, and create a post in time to make the links on some of these things, but I am loving the ideas, challenges, and inspirations for my card making... now if only I had a "studio" to work in!!!

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  1. Thanks for playing along with my sketch! I love your bright and cheery cards!


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