Monday, July 26

My cup overfloweth

continuing my 1000 gifts...

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holy experience

11. flavored coffee, iced coffee
12. being able to pay the bills
13. sidewalk chalk
14. little girls in pigtails
15. playing "Words with Friends" with my hubby!
16. neighbors to borrow eggs from
17. Rain
18. Starbucks Dark Cherry iced coffee
19. going new places
20. having my 2 oldest home again from grandma's house
21. winning a craft contest online and having my handmade card shop promoted!
22. hanging my clothes out on the line
23. anticipation
24. knowing God is not surprised by the things that happen that surprise me
25. my dishwasher

1 comment:

  1. Julie Anne,
    A very sweet list!
    I join you in gratitude for iced coffee, being able to pay our bills, and a dishwasher!
    Enjoyed visiting your blog today.
    Grace and peace to you


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