Wednesday, August 4

My dishwasher changed my life

Works For Me Wednesday has a bathroom/kitchen organizing theme today... and because neither of those rooms are very clean or organized in my house, I thought I was just going to skip it today (not that it is a habit, yet, I have only posted re: WFMW once, but I have good intentions), but then I remembered...

I have a DISHWASHER, and with four LITTLE kids, it is a lifesaver.  I am sure that my kids are well into the age that they should start washing some dishes, but I hate messes, and I hate broken dishes, and I hate cleaning up... After # 4 was born and I had four kids under 5, dishes just seemed to pile up, and pile up, and pile up; frustrating me and frustrating my husband, so we finally got a dishwasher.  I haven't even had it for 2 years yet, but it is the most wonderful invention!  Mine even has a timer on it.

So how does this keep my kitchen organized???

Well, if I am on the ball (which I am not, today) after every meal we just load it up and then the kitchen looks clean and beautiful.   Then after dinner, I put some soap in, set the timer and walk away... and then in the middle of the night, when I am sleeping, my dishes are getting washed!!!  Then in the morning, I empty it and we start the process all over again.  I keep thinking that it is time the kids started emptying it in the morning... maybe we will start that tomorrow morning.

On another note, I might have to say good-bye to my dishwasher in one short month... but that is the price I have to pay in order to get another bedroom for my kids, a basement for me to create cards in, a two car garage, bigger bedrooms for everyone, and grass, fields, trees, as far as the eye can see for my kids to run around...  Please pray with me that this housing situation will come to pass, we are getting claustrophobic in our current home!!

So for now, having a dishwasher Works For Me!!!  Go here for many more, probably much better organizing tips!!


  1. I too love having a dishwasher...I'm so spoiled by it now! :P

  2. mine is broken right now :( I miss it!


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