Tuesday, August 3

my favorite cup!

For Mother's Day this year, my sweet husband bought me a most wonderful invention... Starbucks Venti Cold Cup.  I think every drink tastes better in this... even water! I mostly use it for my homemade iced coffees at home, but I often use it for juice, lemonade or even water!  I try to take it whenever I go to Starbucks to "save the environment" one more disposable cup!  Some Starbucks even give me a 10 cent discount when I use it! :)

This is my original "sweet shot"  ...just a little grape juice yesterday.

but then I had an opportunity to go to Starbucks today... and I ordered my new favorite... Iced Coffee with Dark Cherry flavor added!  So of course I had to try my hand at a much "sweeter" picture!!  YUM!

For more "Sweet Shots" go here!


  1. You tease, you! I'm so craving a caramel macchiato now.

    So does it keep drinks cooler or does it just look good?

  2. Drat ~ now I simply must have one! Starbucks, here I come...

  3. Yes it is an insulated cup!! I LOVE IT!! :)


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