Monday, April 25

500 --halfway there

 My Monday is not complete until I have reviewed my gifts from the previous week... so although I should totally be sleeping right now, I am sharing with you my list!! :)

Used the fabulous little booklet from Ann Voskamp again!

451. celebrating The Lord's Supper on Palm Sunday
452. holding my wonderful husband's hand in church
453. our evening service prayer time
454. taking the time to enjoy some coffee
455. a rainbow in the sky on the way home

456. sharing combos with Wes
457. clear sky with moon

458. my little girl turning 6
459. last minute birthday prep... at Target
460. having a friend volunteer to maker her cake... it was fabulous

461. Grandma buying Easter clothes
462. Skyping with the cousins
463. thrilling Cassia with a "Tangled" birthday gift

464. setting the coffeemaker timer for the next morning

465. little girls in new rainboots
466. my 3YO saying "Mommy, you have "water polkadots" on the windshield" (Rain)
467. saying YES to splashing in puddles
468. story hour at the local library
469. another round of antibiotics to work on her ears
470. serving my kids' favorite dinner
471. having my husband home in the evening

472. a warm weather day
473. packing, packing for a family trip
474. Adventures in Odyssey... most peaceful 5 hour trip EVER!!!
475. hubby buying me an Oreo frosty during one of our potty breaks
476. kids excitement over windmills (modern ones)
477. safe arrival to family
478. chatting with my sisters... till late!

479. a hug from my Dad
480. My 4YO helping with baby shower set up
481. taking the kids to Vidler's for 10cent popcorn and pony rides

482. being the "photographer" at my sister's baby shower
483. seeing a long time friend!!
484. watching my little girls' excitement at my sister's baby shower
485. hubby purchasing plane tickets for trip to Florida (for just us)

486. free coffee at Starbucks for earth day
487. more sister time
488. Pasquale's Pizza and Wings... nothing like it!! best ever!!
489. Celebrating 6YO's birthday again with family
490. my 3YO singing in the van!
491. watching Sabres hockey... and having them win
492. my kids' love for their uncle!!

493. Sweet 3YO can't get enough of her Uncle
494. leftover Buffalo Wings
495. fun at Dave and Busters
496. DATE NIGHT at PF Changs!
497. buying some new dresses... my DH has great taste!
498. Wesley's hand on my back while walking around the mall
499. spending some time at Starbucks ...a long date

500.  501.  502.  503.  That God saw fit to gift me with these four treasures... every single day!!  May I be worthy!

Halfway there in my #1000gifts!  Come count with me!

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  1. I just found your blog off of twitter and became a follower! :) love your blog! :) Erin


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