Tuesday, November 15

Fall Photos

God has gifted me with the most beautiful children, ever!  Seriously!! 

It has been 2 1/2 years since I got my kids pictures done professionally... which is pathetic!!  and there are so many great photographers out there now and such creative ideas for picture taking lately... but there is one problem, they cost too much! We are greatly blessed, and not lacking! God takes good care of us and meets all of our needs, there just isn't any pocket change for $200-300 sitting fees, etc.
So I decided to take things into my own hands... after all, I have dreams of being good at SOMETHING in my life, why not photography (except that I am too lazy to learn my camera).  So Saturday was a gorgeous sunny day... almost warm for November and I knew that I wouldn't get many more days like that!  So I tortured my kids into putting on semi-nice clothes and go outside in the setting sun (it gets cold fast, when the sun goes behind the trees!) and I took pictures, pictures, and more pictures!! OVER 300 to be "almost" exact!! Well I deleted all the obvious blurry, no rescuing pictures... and then I picked my favorites to share on Facebook... I narrowed it down to 30, I mean, how many people want to look at 100 pictures of my kids?!?!  Well, I do, because they are beautiful, if I say so myself, but I won't bore you! :)  So for Sweet Shot Tuesday, I am picking just a few to share with you!!!

So I think I did pretty good... not $200 good, but nice enough for my picture frames and the picture frames of grandmas and grandpas, and aunts and uncles of my adorable children!! :)

Some real photographers share their pictures with My 3 Boybarians and her Sweet Shot Tuesday Link up, go check them out!

Sweet Shot Day


  1. You did an excellent job and they are gorgeous.

  2. The pictures are terrific and in the future they will be even more important because you took them. You're right, your kids are adorable!


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