Friday, February 3

Five Minute Friday --REAL


So, I suppose if I have to be real, I have to admit that I am not REALLY a crafty mom. Some of my friends, think I am... like when I actually did Truth in the Tinsel Advent experience with my kids, but in all honesty, I spent half of those days trying to make the craft perfect instead of focusing on the meaning of the craft.  (and occasionally raising my voice) and I never finished updating the album...

I make myself do it because sometimes we actually have fun and most of the time I think we are making good memories... and they keep asking me to.  So then I found this great idea on Pinterest for Valentine's Day... I bought the mailboxes and stickers from the Target Dollar Spot, and after school today I let them decorate... and I got frustrated when they fought over the colors... and I tried to control and make them look cute. I couldn't have the words and letters being upside down, on the back, or inside now, can I?

And real would be admitting that I got seriously agitated with them while they were supposed to be getting ready for bed while I was surfing the web trying to find a love note printable to put in my husband's little mailbox before he got home (I failed... he's home and no note from me in his box). I hate it when I have to apologize to my kids and it's been happening a lot lately....
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and real would be admitting that I started this 20 minutes ago and just can't focus...

PS... I do hope to put little notes or candy in the boxes as much as possible over the next 2 weeks, because I do love my kids and I want them to know it!!!   ...for real!

Still linking up with Five Minute Friday, thanks for grace!

I'm also adding this to The CSI Project's Pinterest Inspired week!

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  1. Oh I love this genius idea and what creating it really looked like in your house - cause I'm sure it would look the same in mine!



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