Tuesday, February 14


We are all flawed women Loved by a Flawless God!

So, I have agreed to be a group leader for our church for this great women's conference... which means, I am supposed to let every one know about it, give them all the details for signing up, encourage them to invite others, promote it... make sure it gets put in the bulletin, etc. I have known about the details for almost 2 months and still I have done NOTHING. When I was talking to my friend about how I was so not on the ball for this great conference, an idea came to me... I could write a blog post about it! Obviously, I can't put the whole post in the bulletin, but hopefully it will give me a springboard for promoting this at my church.

and just so you all know, this is open to all women, everywhere, so if this interests you, PLEASE let me know; I invite you be a part of my group!!