Thursday, February 16

Valentine's Day Heart Chain

(or 100th Day of School Chain)

The 100th Day of school was a couple of weeks ago, and I took pictures with the intention of getting it on the blog then, but didn't... so I wanted to share this for The CSI Project's Red/Valentine theme. and it works great for 100 Days... if you want to make 100 like I did!! :)

When the 100th Day of School comes around, my kids get to take 100 of an item to school that day, and they like to be creative. My daughter spotted the above Valentine Decoration hanging from our mantel and decided she wanted to take a chain of 100 Valentine hearts!!  So here's my tutorial.

Assemble a variety of cardstock paper (I tried construction paper and it was a bust).  The LOVE paper was created in Microsoft Word by typing LOVE in different fonts and switching between red and black ink... LOVE it!! :) and then I printed it on white cardstock.

Cut strips of paper... my size is 3/4 inch wide by 10 inches long.

 Fold in half, make sure the crease firm

Fold down the outside edges and carefully staple the inside of the heart

like so, hopefully this picture helps you understand.

 then you just loop the next heart through and staple

and keep stapling, and keep stapling

 Until you get to 100... or how many ever hearts you want in your chain!

and now you know what 100 hearts in a pile looks like

Let me know if this "inspires" you to create!!


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