Friday, March 16

Five Minute Friday --Brave

Today's Prompt... BRAVE

She thought I was the amazing one... having 4 kids in 4 and 1/2 years. She didn't know how I did it. She prayed for me and encouraged me. While in reality, she was the brave one!!

Pregnant and not knowing if she would ever carry her baby to full term. Not knowing if her baby would survive outside the womb. Not knowing what kinds of birth defects and disabilities would ensue. I remember feeling guilty for complaining about being so overwhelmed, etc, when I had completely healthy children.

She was brave through months of bed rest, months of testings, months of unknown.  Her baby was born ... and survived. And faced heart surgeries, angioplasties, cranial surgeries... I could research more if I had more than 5 minutes.

Her baby is a miracle baby... and now she's 3 1/2, and growing and walking (running), and learning words, and always, ALWAYS smiling!

This week, I had the opportunity to help out in her little class! It's always a blessing to see her miracles... so many things the doctors predicted and she has surprised them all... but she hasn't surprised God!  and her mom... still amazingly brave as she ventures into each new discovery and each new stage!


Just a Five-Minute tribute to my friend Julie, and her sweet Elisa!!


  1. I am crying. A lot. What a beautiful post! And what a great friend you are to her (and to us all)!!

  2. What a beautiful tribute! Yes, that is brave indeed. and with it brings so much joy!

  3. she was brave! isn't it great how often GOD gives us people near us who remind us what we have to be thankful for! she ministered to you with her courage. you minister to her as well! GOD is good:)

  4. Beautiful words about an amazing baby who God obviously has a great purpose for. Brave indeed.

  5. Awesome post! I sometimes stop and recognize just how blessed we are to have 3 beautiful, healthy children. Several of my friends have battled infertility and pregnancy loss... Lord, help me not take the gifts you have given me for granted!!

  6. God always seems to surround us with people who help us keep things in perspective. I'm glad her daughter is doing well. Doctors tend toward the negative sometimes. I could tell you stories about my 10yo. :D I'm glad she trusted in the true Physician and had a good friend like you to encourage her. :)

  7. What a beautiful post and loving tribute to your friend.

  8. She's a great little hugger too:-)


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