Thursday, April 19

The Birthday Girl

She has more personality than I think can fit into her little body... which may be why she is so tall! She has a heart of gold! She has never met a stranger and has no concept of personal space. She loves everyone she meets. She doesn't have shy bone in her body.

She is NOT like me, and I am working soo hard not to conform her to my way of thinking.

This morning, she went to school in a flowered shirt and a plaid skirt! When I tried to get her to change, telling her that she wasn't matching she said,
"Mom, matching isn't fun!"

Definitely one of a kind!

But one way she is like me, is her love for CHEESECAKE!!
Here she is with her birthday cake (sans cherries for her siblings sake). She piled the pie filling on her piece.

She's like her daddy in her love for Chocolate Chip cookies... 
This was the treat she took to school to share with her classmates!

We are so thankful for her and the fun she has added to our lives in the last seven years!

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