Monday, April 2

Recounting the gifts brings joy

Besides ignoring my blog for almost a week, I also fell behind in counting my 1000, infinite gifts with the Joy Dare. And being the chronological person that I am, I have a hard time jumping back into it without reviewing the last two weeks. So I am going to attempt a review without holding myself to the JoyDare calendar, but at least finding a few gifts each day.

March 19 (gifts eaten) +
257. big salad for lunch
258. signing up for (in)RL ... even if I'm doing it alone.
259. ice cream for after school snack
260. a spring time thunderstorm on the "last day of Winter!"

March 20 (gifts that made you laugh) +
261. watching the amorous rooster chase the hens around the chicken run!
262. talking to my parents for almost an hour on my Mom's birthday!!
263. finding the missing library book... in the van!
264. picnic lunch outside for my little girls.
265. watching my kids look for things to laugh about
266. fellowship with some friends

March 21 (salty, sweet, just right)
267. Totino's pizza rolls
268. kisses from my husband
269. making some cards... even if they weren't "quite right"

March 22 (gifts found in His Word)
270. the whole book of James
271. Psalm 103 "Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits:"
272.  Galatians 5 & 6 ... "by love serve one another" ... "Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh" ... "But the fruit of the Spirit is..."  "Bear ye one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ" ... "and let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not."

March 23 (gifts found in women)
273. friends that prayed over me... the night before
274. the encouragement of Five Minute Friday ladies
275. the strength and abilities to be moms... even with sick kids!

March 24 (gifts spoken)
276. my son asking for room service... when he was sick (learned it from a Calvin and Hobbes comic book) and it TOTALLY cracked me up!!
277.  apologies
278.  winning #1 project on CSI Project's papercrafting/embossing challenge!!
279. "I love you" and "Good night"

March 25
280. Oh, the gift of church... every week!
281. rainbow jello... so fun, so yummy (and made by someone else)

March 26
282. digging into You're Already Amazing!!!
283. Nehemiah 8:10  the joy of the Lord is my strength
284. Pizza from Vincenzo's for dinner!!

March 27
285. renewing library books online before they incurred overdue fees!
286. knowing God hears my prayers even when I question what He's doing in my friend's life!
287. re-enrolling my kids for another year of Christian education ... trusting God to provide

March 28
288. sick kid keeping me home during the day
289. a quick run to the grocery store by myself in the evening

March 29
290. over 20 turkeys strutting through my yard

291. making homemade chicken noodle soup... and having it be GOOD!
292. His mercies are new every morning; He gives strength and grace for every day!

March 30
293. WINNING!!
294. enjoying really yummy strawberry shortcake
295. making cards, making cards...

March 31
296. laughter with friends
297. making more cards

298. listening to Anita Renfroe video
299. a possible opportunity to sell my cards in a children's boutique!!!
300. getting my creative juices flowing!!!

April 1
301. listening to my kids sing along with Seeds Worship CD
302. "You, O Lord, have made a way, the great divide to heal; for when our hearts were far away, your love went further still!"
303. First Eastern Bluebird sighting in my backyard.
304. Tight hugs from my kids,
305. fresh chocolate chip cookies,
306. lots of raindrops!
307. the blessings and encouragement that came to my heart with the remembering, looking for, and recording of the gifts from the last two weeks!!


  1. Oh, I like the flowers and bumblebees, too. You make great cards!!

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