Friday, May 11

Five Minute Friday --Identity

So,  Lisa-Jo leaked the #FiveMinuteFriday prompt early and I typed away Thursday night before I went to bed... and then Friday morning took over and I didn't get a chance to add a picture, so I'm finally getting this posted!

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Prompt: Identity

I have four little children. Mostly blond, all blue eyed, a set of clones you could say. And I have to claim them... No denying it. And I wouldn't want to. They are the most beautiful things on this earth. And God seems to think that I'm capable of caring for them.

Problem is, I think that I am the sum of their actions.
That what they say, what they do, how they act... Is a reflection of me... And that makes me less then pleasant sometimes. Like they have to be perfect because if they aren't, someone might think there is something wrong with me.

I'm working on it...this letting them find their own ideas, be their own person, show their own personality...even if it doesn't look picture perfect. I'm working on being a reflection of Christ and praying that my kids will be a reflection of Christ. That people will see Christ when they look at our family.

Right now I feel like a big failure in this area, but God sees me as redeemed, forgiven, complete in Christ. He sees me as His child... And I give thanks for this new me.


this came to me this morning, so I wanted to share it, too!

PS... I used to be known as "the Pastor's Daughter," then I became "Wesley's Wife." And NOW, I am Sienna's Mom, Nathaniel's Mom, Ella's Mom, or Cassia's Mom... so in a way, my identity is all wrapped up in them.  But foremost I am God's Child... may I live it!


  1. Yes! I need to remember first that my identity is in Him - not in other things/relationships/factors. Everything else is secondary.

  2. Oh I sorta wrote about this this past week. ((hugs))

    I remember the first time I was known as my chid's mom. It was jarring. Lol but honestly, it's taking adjustment to not being that anymore now.

  3. Beautiful family and are so His daughter, and very loved! Happy Mother's Day!

  4. You have such precious kids! And you are a precious daughter yourself. Loved this post!

  5. What an amazing reminder about identity...that people will see Christ when they look at your family. Love it!


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