Monday, July 2

Full of Joy

Are you sticking with the counting of the gifts for the JoyDare?  ... It's not too late to join the community!

If you start with July and do SIX a day, you can get 1000 by the end of the year!!  Here's the link to the July JoyDare!!

Here is my counting of the 1000, the endless gifts!

585. talking to my sister... a few days after her birthday
586. using homemade laundry detergent recipe
587. muffin tin Monday for breakfast (milk, pineapple, cheese, banana, Lucky Charms, and a piece of chocolate)
Not very colorful  but fun breakfast #muffintinmonday today #fb on Twitpic

588. getting back into reading Valley of Vision

in fabric: 
589. laundry drying on the line
590. sweatshirt for cool morning
591. climbing into my bedsheets at night

in frames: 
592. picture of hubby and me on our wedding day... thankful to be celebrating 14 years 

593. seeing a bird sitting on a bull's face framed by fence... (unfortunately, no picture of it)
594. 3 sweet little girls' faces framed by new haircuts!

gifts eaten: 
595. homemade cherry lemonade ice pops shared with the kids
596. leftovers for dinner
597. coffee made by hubby!

598. little boy testing in karate

599. sunsets 

600. safety in travels.. missing all the crazy storms
601. the chaos of 7 little cousins reuniting at the tops of their lungs outside at 11 PM
602. cousins dancing on the waterfront

603. God's provision of finances for an ALLUME TICKET!!!  
604. pool time at Grandma's house, with the cousins! 

605. reminder that I am sanctified (even when I don't act like it)

gifts loved:
606. singing about and to my Redeemer
607. drinking Simply Lemonade/Simply Limeade

What are you thankful for today?


  1. Love the girls haircuts!! - have a wonderful time in OH...Jen

  2. there is something fabulous about eating leftovers- the memory of a good meal and not having to cook dinner! yay! great list!

  3. Haircuts are very cute!! Enjoyed reading your list. :)


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