Wednesday, July 18

Headband storage

My glue gun and I are not good friends... I love it and I hate it all at the same time. ... also, being a perfectionist sometimes takes all the fun out of crafting.

I hate the process, but I often love the end result and this Pinterest inspired project is no different!!

The kids were at Grandma's last week (and still are for a few more days!), so I decided to do a bedroom purge in the girls' room! I got rid of one large garbage bag of broken toys, happy meal toys, papers, papers and more papers, and other miscellaneous stuff. I also wanted to organize some of the stuff we are keeping. Organizing toys wasn't a problem, we already have the containers for that, they just need to learn how to put them away.

Their hair stuff is a little out of control, which is funny because it's often a battle to get them to wear something in their hair (mommy isn't gentle enough with the brush, I suspect). So anyway, they have some nice hanging ribbon things for holding clips and barrettes, that my mom got them for Christmas last year, but the headbands are all over the place and on every dresser (remember there are 3 girls in there), so I wanted to get them all in one place!

I pinned this great headband storage idea ... 29 weeks ago, people! (isn't amazing that Pinterest can tell you that?) So, it's been on my radar for a while, but I bought a BIG oatmeal container and we don't eat oatmeal that often, so it still wasn't empty. I said, "too bad" and dumped the oatmeal in another container, because I had a project to make!

here's what you need...
An oatmeal container, scrapbook paper, ribbon, mod podge and a glue gun... and some patience!

Cut the paper to fit your container (depending on which size you use) Mine was the big container which turned out to be a pain!!

Start mod podging and attaching your first piece of paper doing your best to smooth out all the wrinkles... Or just leave all the wrinkles in and say it adds character!!

Then mod podge the second paper on there, lining it up the best you can and trying to not freak out over all the wrinkles ... or just be neater than me and don't have wrinkles.

Admire your not-so-handi-work

fold over the excess at the bottom (you should figure this into your measuring) and mod podge it on the bottom for a finished look.

Then let it dry...

Turn your hot glue gun on and assemble some ribbon... I used a piece on the top, on the bottom, and at the middle seam.

Apply glue to your ribbon (or rick rack ribbon) and wrap carefully around the container.

Then cut out a circle for the lid in matching paper (and mod podge it) to help finish it off. and glue a ribbon around the lid to make it look pretty

 Then put all the pretty headbands on it (after all the glue and mod podge dries, of course!)

and throw the stretchy headbands and pony tail holders inside!!

So tell me, are you a perfectionist when it comes to craft projects? 

or do you believe that it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful?

What pinterest project should I tackle next?

I hope you will join me and Momminitup with some of your Pinterest Inspired projects!

and being organized works for me... check out other tips, here!!


  1. Very cute! wrinkles add character and you won't see them with all the head bands on there!! How did the wall project go? Jen

  2. As always when I do projects the process of the wall wasn't pretty , but I really like the end result. That's next weeks #PinFTW post.

  3. Replies
    1. thanks! next week's is pretty awesome too... for the boys! :)

  4. Cute! No girls here, but my nieces may need one. I would maybe try this with a quilting fabric instead of paper - easier to manipulate. I'm a but of a perfectionist when it comes to projects like this.

    1. one of the sites I looked at (there are a thousan options on Pinterest) used fabric, so it probably would turn out better... I just try to convince myself the wrinkles add character! :) (and I don't have any fabric in my house)


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