Monday, July 9

JoyDare --Vacation with family

Really trying to stick to the specific JoyDare prompts this month. I have soo much more to be thankful for after a week with extended family. Hope you enjoy my list and some of the pictures!!

July 2 reading:
608. reading Psalms/Proverbs
609. my kids reading library books
610. lovely comments on my blog today

July 3
611. FAITH-His thoughts toward me are precious
612. FAMILY-ice cream/music fixes things

613. FREEDOM-thankful for those who sacrificed

July 4:
614. RED patriotic t-shirts ... and cousins!

‪615. WHITE‬ lightening in the sky
616. BLUE enjoying the refreshing pool

617. playing cards with the family
618. rainbow jello

July 5  persistence:
619. God's pursuit of me
620. husband's love to me
621. continuous need for grace

July 6  enthusiasm:
623. my kids learning to love the pool today

624. cousin fun & creativity in acting out books
625. my excitement for Iced Coffee!

July 7 Challenge, conflict, change:
626. The challenge of being patient
627. How conflict with others opens communication with my husband

628. The reminder that only God can change a person

July 8 Water
629. memories of lots of fun in the inlaws pool!
630. pictures taken Saturday at Sandusky Bay

631. thirst quenching spiritual water of the Word that washes me daily

I'm so unbeleiveably thankful for my immediate family today... the wonderful husband and the adorable kids that God has blessed me with!!


  1. Great pictures, and wonderful lists! God is so good and faithful isn't He?, in the midst of anything! Blessings today! :)

    1. So thankful for God's goodness and faithfulness! :)

      ps. I've been reading more Grace and Fresh Ink... such a blessing to me! THANK YOU

  2. love it all - esp, the final family picture! Jen Have a great week!

  3. What fun pictures and a great list!

    Visiting from Ann's.

    Many blessings!

    1. and blessings to you... thanks for stopping by!

  4. It is great to keep up with the list! Looks like you all are enjoying the summer!


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