Monday, July 16

July Joy Dare (week 2)

A week without my kids... kinda lonely, but peaceful! They stayed at the grandparents' house when we came home last week (and are going to be there all this week, too)! My honey and I have been enjoying some quality time and I've been working on some house projects... and still counting the gifts.

July 9
608. Rhythm-hanging clothes on line and humming;
609. Rhyme-Puritan prayers/Valley of Vision;

610. Reason-choosing healthy salad

July 10  weakness:
611. His strength is made perfect
612. hubby fills in where I lack
613. support of friends' prayers when I need it

July 11 jars:
614. storing coffee in fridge for iced coffee
615. candles to light

616. fun jar ideas on pinterest

July 12
617. LIFE: I woke up to another day
618. GROWTH: time in the Word grows me
619. DECLINE: clutter in girls room is declining as I purge

July 13 curled
620. my toes curled around his toes in the early morning
621. fingers curled around a pen as I wrote out Scripture
622. paint curled around the roller as we work on my son's wall

July 14 yellow
623. the writing on historical markers in downtown Philly;

624. a garden of black eyed susans;

625. trying GuaranĂ¡ Brazilian soda at Fogo de Chao

July 15 stone
626. looking through pictures from yesterday's trip to Philly... tunnel, statues, cobblestone streets

627. eating nachos off a stoneware plate

Which gift from my list do you like best? or which one intrigues you?
What gifts have you received today?


  1. mmm we had nachos last night! i'm waiting for my susans to open - have a great week! love, Jen

  2. Loved your list!! Can so relate with the prayers of friends. They are so needed and appreciated!


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