Monday, July 23

July Joy Dare (Week 3)

I make an effort to post these each day on twitter and facebook, so this may just seem like a repeat of my week. But it is such a good thing to remember the gifts daily... and weekly! These, this counting of the gifts is my praise song to Jesus!
It helps me to refocus to think through my day, to remember what God does for me, that He cares about the little things in my life. So I continue to give thanks. I am so blessed.

July 16 gifts hanging down:

628. hummingbird feeder bringing visitors
629. porch swing
630. sunshine in the sky.

July 17 gifts learned:

631. how to cook as a new wife 14 years ago
632. my kids learning to love grandpa's pool last week
633. to trust God DAILY

July 18 musical:

634. birds chirping
635. listening to KLOVE Radio without my kids in the van
636. thunderstorms
637. music of friendships

July 19 gifts baked:

638. the sweets at Panera Bread
639. Pizza for dinner
640. brownies

July 20 in light, dark, shadow

641. He is the LIGHT,
642. in Him is no DARKNESS
643. having my kids with me again.

July 21 gifts of story

644. my kids stories of their time away
645. that God is writing my story
646. "tell me the story of Jesus"

July 22 gifts understated

647. The "bread & wine" of Communion
648. simple tacos for Sunday dinner
649. husband's flirting to relieve tension.

Count with me? share some of your gifts in the comments today? 


I would love to reply to your comments, but I can't unless you have an email available in your profile!

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