Monday, July 30

July Joy Dare (week 4)

Counting my gifts and adding some of my favorite pictures from the last week! So thankful for the many things in my life that God gives me to give thanks for... even when I'm down in the dumps! Are you giving thanks today?

In everything give thanks!

July 23 gift high, low, far away

650. His ways are high above our ways
651. sound of rumbling thunder
652. the ocean I want to see again someday

July 24 gifts of sand:

653. the beach... I'd love to be at... for now, I give thanks for beautiful photos of beaches
654. sand/dirt in the driveway kicking up as my daughter learned to ride her bike w/o training wheels!
655. memories of the sand/beach on my honeymoon

July 25 gifts of endings:

656. happy movie endings
657. losing baby teeth
658. crawling in bed at the end of day
659. prayers ending in the power of Jesus' name!

July 26 fresh:

660. freshly grated cheese on my salad
661. fresh stack of library books
662. rain to refresh dry grass!

July 27 on vacation, at home, in relaxation:

663. Enjoying the inlaws pool on vacation
664. nothing like the comfort of your own bed
665. quiet and a cup of coffee for relaxing

July 28 of beginnings:

666. beginning of the Olympics 2012!
667. I get a new beginning every morning... His mercies are new!
668. looking forward to new friendships beginning at Allume
669. lots of new books to start reading...

July 29 gifts together:

670. worship with believers
671. an afternoon ...and evening spent with friends
672. blueberry pie with vanilla ice cream


  1. Wonderful photos and an blessed list!!

  2. Joining you from Ann's place. I enjoyed the pictures to go along with your blessings. Thanks for sharing.


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