Monday, August 20

August Joy Dare (week 3)

Just counting and keeping up with the Joy Dare! I'm pretty sure I might hit 1000 even before December because there have been some days where I have counted more than three! How exciting is that! and I know that I'm not even counting all the gifts God bestows on my each day! It's such an encouragement to go back and read the gifts! I know that God gives so much more than I could ask or think, I just have to be looking for it!

August 14 Ring, Curve, Sphere:

723. ringtone of text saying hubby's coming home
724. curve of my kids' faces when smiling
725. kids playing catch

August 15 Ugly Beautful:

726. half price day at Salvation Army (with 4kids)
727. the incessant questions of kids
728. expensive textbooks for MY class!

August 16 of Family:

729. Psalm 16:6 I have a goodly heritage
730. nothing better than sisters
731. my kids reading their bibles this morning

August 17 in the Morning:

732. a cup of coffee
733. kissing my hubby goodbye before he leaves for work
734. sitting on the porch with my bible and notebook and pens
735. hearing the trains in the valley

August 18 Red, Read, Written

736. RED: accents on uniforms at Parade of Champions
737. READ: pre-release copy by
738. WRITTEN: a thank you note

August 19 in Church: 

739. ministry & chatting in nursery
740. singing Hallelujah, What a Savior!
741. meeting a new family at evening ice cream social!

Share a blessing in the comments today?


  1. Loved your list. . .I feel like we could be friends:)
    Many more blessings to you!
    (visiting from Ann's place)

    1. I love making new friends! Thanks for stopping by!
      Praying blessing for you, too!!

  2. I like the Joy Dare Counting...that would help keep me on track. Plus it gets you looking in places you might otherwise miss!

    1. I am loving the Joy Dare and how it gets me looking for things I wouldn't normally notice!! Join in!!

  3. Worshiping with chuch "family" after illness and vacation kept us away. :)

    1. Returning to church family after time away IS such a blessing! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Oh, I really need to start doing this on a consistent basis. THe really do spur you to look at the blessings hidden in plain sight. I love reading your lists.

    1. I have started and stopped and started again many times!! Just make it part of your bedtime routine!! :)


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