Friday, November 30

Five Minute Friday --Wonder

I confess, my first attempt at Wonder took me 15 minutes, so I didn't feel I could post it here... maybe it will show up sometime in December when I'm trying to fill in my Fridays without Five Minute Friday... yep, that's right! This is the last Five Minute Friday of 2012. Lisa-Jo (and the rest of us) are taking December off (of 5MF, not blogging).

So what are you waiting for? Go, read Lisa-Jo's post and join in with your own 5 minutes ...

Five Minute Friday    on Wonder

I have no problem seeing God as Creator. Creator of me and the human body, Creator of those four adorable children He gave me. I'm amazed at the intricacies involved in the human body and how it all works together so perfectly.

I have no problem seeing God as Creator of the world, the planets, the universe. I stand amazed at the stars, the moon, the storms, the seasons.

I see God in Autumn. The falling leaves, the glowing sunsets, the bounty and the beauty of harvest.

I see God in Winter. The fresh fallen snow, the sparkling diamonds as the sun reflect off the snow. Even the stark contrast of bare trees against daily gray skies.

I see God in Spring. Fresh green buds, flowers sprouting up through leftover snow. Birds returning in full force. Shades of green everywhere.

I see God in Summer. Longer days, warm sun beating down, the joys of summer berries, and the variety in color.

Why is it, I wonder, do I have such a hard time basking in the wonder of Him as my Father with unconditional love, unending grace and mercy, and blessings above and beyond what I could ask or imagine?

I wonder


  1. you know Julie, it's easy for me to appreciate His love, grace and mercy- when things are going well and for the most part even when they aren't {for me} but when it's the family - I have a difficult time, and instead I tend to wonder what next? I believe, Lord help my unbelief. thanks for reminding me of that unconditional love and unending grace and mercy I needed that today of all days. N

  2. Hi Julie
    Can it be that you did not come along well with your Dad? I know what you mean and relate so well for I had that problem of not seeing God as a papa of Love! Until I started praying asking Him to open my heart to receive His love and grace and He did that so wonderfully!
    Much love

  3. I am right there with you, girl. May we both bathe ourselves in the Father's love and grace this season!

  4. I think it's because we know ourselves so well. We know our thoughts, or motives and what we are capable of even on a good day. Isn't it wonderful that he can speak to you through your own words to remind you to do just that - trust and accept his love, grace, and mercy. Big hugs to you, sweet friend!!

    1. "Isn't it wonderful that he can speak to you through your own words..."
      WOW! I have never looked at my own writing in that way! It is not that I am not moved to write words but to think that He speaks to me through those words is really quite wonderful! THANKS!

  5. I have the same issues, relating to God as a loving and accepting Father. Sometimes all I see when I look at myself are my faults and how i've let Him down (or how I think I've let Him down). I am so thankful He never gives up on me.

  6. :0)...great thoughts for this Saturday afternoon!

  7. What a POWERFUL post, my friend!! Honestly, I could have written this myself. I simply couldn't believe God WOULD love me ~ ME! Now, I bask in the wonder of that truth.


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