Thursday, December 27

Untitled: a book review

I've read a few books, reviewed a few books, volunteered to help promote new books during their release book and I seem to fail every time... yet another area in which I need grace...

So when I was given the opportunity to read a copy of Untitled: Thoughts on the Creative Process - Revised & Expanded I hesitated. Creative Process... I could use some help in that area, but right now? in the month of December? right at Christmas time?  I shouldn't agree to review it. but I could really use it... so I tweeted and they responded and I got a copy via email and opened it right away and was just sucked in!!!

SO much goodness.  Then I stopped and realized that just reading it wasn't going to help me, so I went back to work on the reflections and exercises that Blaine Hogan gives in the book. And he has a blog that I'm looking forward to delving in....

I am no where near far enough in the book to give an accurate review, but so far... I am loving it!!  and I think if you are in any creative process... book writing, painting, photography, starting a new business, crafting, etc. I think you will love this book!

Go check it out!!

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  1. Oh no! Another book to add to my list! Maybe I won't make dinner for the next several months... Thanks for the recommendation:-)


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