Friday, February 22

Five Minute Friday: What Mama Did

I've been quiet on the blog lately... It's very hit and miss! I'm busy finishing an online writing class that is consuming way too much of my time. Did you know that it's way easier to write just for the fun of it, than it is to write when you HAVE to?  I'm making it through, and I have one more week left!  I am also thoroughly enjoying my Brit Lit class I am taking (This class will last till May, but it's not as intense as online)  Someday, I will write a post about Frankenstein... This week I am reading Emma, by Jane Austen.

Five Minute Friday

But today, today is FRIDAY, and that means Five Minute Friday. And this week is just awesome. Lisa-Jo did a phenomenal series on her blog and if you haven't seen it you MUST go check it out... and read every day.  Then she gave us the prompt today, but she only gave us Five Minutes! :)  So here is my quick memory of my mom.

What Mama Did--Chinese Checkers

It was exam week in high school. Studying, studying, and more studying took place. Suddenly, from the bottom of the stairs, Mom would call out,

"Time for Chinese Checkers!"

It didn't matter where we were in test preparation, or how little we felt we knew for tomorrow's big exam. It was time for a break. And we tumbled down the stairs, my sisters and me. Sometimes she would have to call us more than once, but always it was the forced break in the middle of an intense school week to play a little with some marbles, to have some fun, to let off a little steam.

To remember that family is more important than the final grade.


I'm sure my sisters' can remember these moments with more clarity than I can, I think she gave up after they graduated...  I'm thankful for my mom, for so much more than the stress relief of playing Chinese Checkers. It's just the memory that came to me!

What did YOUR mom do??  Share it in the comments here, or make your own Five Minute Friday post and link up with Lisa-Jo.


  1. AWESOME!!! I played this with my mom, too. In fact we STILL play. Great memory!

  2. What a fun memory! Thanks for sharing. Yesterday was our nine year anniversary and I'm "adopted" so I posted on how my "mamas" help pull my wedding day together. I'm so glad I stopped by from FMF.

  3. How fun!! Love the moms that are all about balance and not constantly pushing. They just get it!

  4. I love that your mom played games. My mom did too and still does, with her kids and now grandkids


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