Thursday, July 25

A Little Crafty How-to

When I started the Ultimate Blog Challenge at the beginning of the month, I asked you for a few ideas and one thing that was mentioned was a tutorial on the cards I make. I'm not very good at tutorials, I do not have the gift of teaching... But I can show you a few pictures and talk about what I did. You can either attempt to re-create it yourself, or persuade me to open an online card shop so you can buy one yourself! :)

 photo 924f5b4c7401c5ab74c821e578a20cea_zpsb6b3d18a.jpg

So here is a little glimpse into my card making this past weekend.

So much of the work is just done in my head... thinking and planning and cutting and rearranging all before the card finally takes place, so I often try to make multiples of the same card.

Each card is still individual, still handmade, still made with love. Each card touched multiple times over the process... which is what makes handmade worth more than a simple dollar store card... or even better than Hallmark...

 photo ad3935df24725458e08cd61b63c795f3_zps969bc311.jpg

Once it comes together, there is a little bit of this

 photo d5f711b13170a7d0cf10accc48444d12_zpsf097adac.jpg

and a little bit of that...

 photo 54fa8bc447af8b3e935138c147e7c467_zps3413b882.jpg

I love the extra touch of a coordinating picture on the inside of the card.

 photo 2ee06b5fdb09c4c3017d18932edb2fc6_zpsaff00381.jpg

and then there is the challenge of a matching envelope.  This one, I put out for survey ... on instagram, and on facebook; and if I actually counted the votes, it would probably be pretty even... so I made some of each! :)

 photo 52b8dd0c524dfd2ea618fdfd7127eecd_zps1b58d0c4.jpg

 photo c150d96e1514750a65315362582cf685_zps54e9fbc7.jpg

I love making cards...

 photo 924f5b4c7401c5ab74c821e578a20cea_zpsb6b3d18a.jpg

Community Conversation: Do you need a birthday card anytime soon? :)  As I think and dream and plan and hope for an online shop someday, what would you be willing to pay for a handmade card? As I begin to support the handmade community, do you have any of your favorite shops you would be willing to share with us?

happy to be jumping back in this week with regular posting... here's hoping I can stick with it.


  1. I like this layout...and vote for lovely envelope B. :D

  2. I love your work Julie! I don't know what the going rate is, but I would say $4 or $5. All the best!!!

  3. Love your cards, and I vote for envelope B. :-)


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