Wednesday, July 31

We appreciate things more when we have to wait

 photo 3dbdebaacc5dcab537eb43e6df7cbe5e_zpsc1155823.jpgIt's been a while since I've done a "book review," but this one releases tomorrow and I want you to know about it. I pre-ordered it from Amazon last week, the hard copy is arriving sometime today... probably before I get this post written, typed and posted.

The In-Between: Embracing the Tension between Now
and the Next Big Thing

When I pre-ordered it, I also got digital copies and an audio file as part of the deal--AWESOME. So I did a little reading over the weekend and last night, and while I'm not done with the book yet, if it had been the hard copy my pen would have run out of ink by now with all the marking up I've done! It's great stuff!!

I am always in a hurry, always rushing my kids, hating to be late but not scheduling any cushion time... Acting like I'm going to miss out on something if I don't get it all done. Problem is, I am missing out on things!

I am missing out on opportunities to teach my kids things in the moment.
I am missing out on opportunities to savor their littleness.
I am missing out on opportunities to read to them.
I am missing out on opportunities to hear God's still small voice.
I am missing out on what God has for me right here, right now!

I don't even know what "The next big thing" is, which I have talked about often in my God-sized Dreams posts. But I am always thinking that things will be better when...

One of those major waiting periods in my life was when I lived in a 2 bedroom trailer... not such a big deal when it was just me and my husband, but as God began to add children to our family, I got tired of waiting for "the next big HOME."  I blogged about it once...

Before: 2 bedroom trailer, very little yard
After: 3 bedrooms, finished basement, 2 car garage....
just a portion of our yard and a glimpse of the view!

I think back to what I might have missed in my anxiousness to get out of the trailer and into a larger home.  There was a coziness that came in the trailer--I just saw it as overcrowded. God was teaching me in those moments to trust Him, that He saw the big picture, that He was molding me, teaching me, pruning some of the rough edges off. And now, I thank God every day for this home, this yard! I wonder if he had rushed the giving of this home if I would appreciate it as much.

Even now that I am in a much more spacious place, with a much more spacious yard, He is still teaching me to wait on Him in so many ways. I had FOUR kids in 4 1/2 years... Having children was the one thing I didn't have to wait for. :) But I began to wish away their toddler years, their neediness, their noise, etc.  And now, NOW, my youngest starts Kindergarten this year (how did that happen?).  Every day, I have to make a choice to embrace my now. Sometimes I do it right, sometimes I don't. But it's not a one-time do it and then you don't have to worry about it. All of life is a process, but as Jeff Goins says, 

"Maybe God is less concerned with what I’m doing
and more concerned with who I’m becoming"
 photo 3dbdebaacc5dcab537eb43e6df7cbe5e_zpsc1155823.jpg

Here are just a few things I'm learning...

"Every time we wait is an opportunity to slow down and be present in an increasingly noisy world. to listen to the voices we sometimes lose in the static."  For me, those voices are my kids and my husband, the life, the world God has given me right here, right now... What is it for you?

One of my favorite quotes (so far) is "God can use you anywhere," my friend the schoolteacher told me. I didn't believe it. I believed God had a plan that could be seriously messed up if I didn't pay attention."  Why do I think I'm so important that I could mess up God's plan? So thankful He can use me anywhere, I just need to be willing!

Oh and so many more, but I will stop so you can just go buy the book yourself! This book speaks right to my heart and my life, but it can apply to anyone in the waiting stages of life... and truth is, everyone is waiting for something!

Community Conversation: What in life are you waiting for? Have you or are you going to buy this book? I'd love to discuss it with you more!


  1. Love your post! I have some big God-sized dreams going on, but I'm determined to savor the moments along the way. I spend too much of my life rushing. Journeying with you.

    1. Savoring the moments... Yes, that is what I want to do more of!!

  2. Great post! Loved how you put yourself into it. You were not just talking about a book, you were sharing what it meant to you, how it is shaping some of your own thoughts. I agree, everyone is waiting for something. And I think anyone can benefit from this book. Thanks.

    1. Yes, book reviews are much more than ..."I liked the book, Amen!" so thankful for all the great words that I'm highlighting that are helping me in my journey!

  3. Beth Moore said "The mean-time is God-Time." I'm still learning this. I hope that doesn't discourage you! I don't mean to. I hope you are encouraged that you aren't alone on the journey!

    1. Linda, your words always encourage me! Thanks for the reminder!


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