Monday, January 6

Creating a Latte

I'm a procrastinator so I'm always behind the rest of the blogging world. They all did their recaps of OneWord 2013 IN 2013... but here I am wrapping up 2013 on Day 6 of 2014...

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I wrote for class, I attempted and almost succeeded at 31Days in October and I did a little more writing for me and for the blog.

I made connections through the God Sized Dreams Team and made new friends at Allume and loved on my local friends.

And then there was my cardmaking... It comes in shifts, which is why it's mostly a hobby! But I made some progress this year! I opened an etsy shop... and I made some sales.  I created a bunch of cute Christmas cards (and had less success). I have thoughts and dreams for 2014 and I definitely plan to keep creating... and hopefully more selling.  Like these cute coffee cards "Thanks a Latte"

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They are for sale in my etsy shop, but you also have an opportunity to win a set for yourself.  One of my God-sized Dreams Team friends (who I had the lovely privilege of meeting at Allume) is doing a giveaway extravaganza for her birthday this month. This giveaway includes my cards, so be sure to stop by her site and enter. Then be sure to subscribe to Melissa's blog to catch the rest of the great giveaways she is offering this month.

And if you are in need of some newborn photography she has a great deal going on right now (Yes, she lives in South Carolina, but maybe a few of my readers are close... or you know someone who is, so spread the word with your friends, too)

and if it's not too much to add, I'm doing a Sale on the Christmas cards in my etsy shop. Spend $10 or more in my Christmas section and use the code CHRISTMAS20 and receive 20% off your order from Whimsical Words!

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Thanks, friends... and here's to creating even more in 2014!


  1. I will be in need of some girlie birthday cards :). Should I FB message you or send a note via Etsy :)?

    1. FB message is fine, although a note via Etsy would excite me, too!! :)


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