Wednesday, September 17

It's been a hard day

What do hard days look like for you? For me, it's usually kids fighting, me snapping, to-do lists being ignored. It's being too busy, or not busy enough. It's everything and nothing and ALL.THE.THINGS. But it usually comes down to one thing. My attitude, my perspective, my response. (see even when I don't want it to be all about me, it is)

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And on one of those particularly hard days, this book showed up in my mailbox... What Your Heart Needs for the Hard Days by Holley Gerth.

And I wanted to just ignore the dish pile in the sink, ignore the kids and the dear husband, ignore the laundry that was washed four days ago and still isn't folded, and lock myself in my room with Holley's encouraging words, my gratitude journal, and the Psalms, and not come out for a week.

Well it didn't happen quite like that, but it was close. I've been spending lots of my quiet time in the Psalms these days, so I was delighted to crack open this book and find that each devotional was based on a Psalm. I love the way she describes the Psalms, "The book of Psalms is like a table covered with God's goodness." It's true, and He has set the table for me... and His goodness can satisfy, will satisfy, does satisfy.

And after a day of stuffing myself with unhealthy, unnecessary foods and reading these words in the introduction, "We need to find a way to quiet the hunger pains in our hearts." I knew that this was going to reach my heart. Holley gives us 52 encouraging truths... and man, there are some good ones in there!

God wants to lift you up when life lets you down
God says you're a delight, not a disappointment
God doesn't want you to try so hard
God is your protector
God will ease your anxiety
God's ways are best for you
God will use you to help others

and so many more that spoke to my heart before I even began reading the devotional. Each truth is paired with a verse from Psalms, along with a reading of 3 Psalms a day (or week, or however you choose to break it up).

We all have hard days and sometimes on the hard days, it is difficult to remember truth, to focus on truth, to meditate on what is true, and right, and pure. But a few days in the Psalms, along with these encouraging words that Holley shares with us, and your perspective can change, just like mine does! Psalms is my lifeline and this devotional book has added a strand of strength to that lifeline!

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Pick one up today!  

PS... she's doing a little book club on her website right now... Check it out, go like her facebook page and sign up for the updates! You won't be disappointed!

(also, I attempted Amazon affiliate links, so if you purchase the book through the links on this page, I get a percentage or something like that... I really don't know how it all works) :) thanks


  1. I think I need this book. =)

  2. What a pleasant surprise :) I am glad it worked for you.



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