Sunday, October 4


When one wants to accomplish something new, be it healthy eating, running a marathon, learning a new skill, or can I say, become a better writer, one must embrace it wholeheartedly. You have to be all in. For there to be success in a new endeavor there must be commitment.

Change and new habits do not come easy. It takes a daily commitment, a full embrace. It can’t be one of those brief awkward side hugs.

Writing is a daily (and life long) choice. Every morning I have to wake up and say, “I am a writer.” And “I will write today.”

This does not mean if I don’t write on one day that I’m not a writer. It just means that I did not make the best choices that day. Although I have wondered –Does a writer need a “rest day”? Isn’t that what marathoners do? Run and run and run and then rest.

Embrace means to hold someone closely in one’s arm. Also, to accept or support a belief willingly and enthusiastically. I’m going to take this both ways.

I’m going to hold my pen and notebook closely in my arms, like I mentioned yesterday, keeping it close by so I can capture the ideas that come along!  I’m also going to embrace the fact that I am a writer and that I want to be a better writer willingly and enthusiastically.

That might mean stepping out of my comfort zone and possibly trying a new writing genre or writing about something that doesn’t really interest me, something to take me out of my comfort zone. It might even mean taking a risk and submitting something to be published, to risk a rejection.

My thoughts today: Becoming a better writer definitely means attempting #write31days and being proud of myself for making it all the way to day 4 ;)

Join me as I remember what it means to be a writer again. Writing for 31 days in an attempt to find where nature and art collide in the work of writing. Click the graphic to find all my #write31days posts.


  1. I don't write every day. I wish I were so disciplined. I use to journal and got out of that habit. I'm trying to get back into the swing of that again.

    1. I get out of the habit of daily journalling on a regular basis. The key is to get back up and try again!!


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