Wednesday, August 1

Summertime Wreath

It's August now, and although I love my patriotic wreath and I think maybe I should keep it up for the duration of the Olympics, just to show my support for #TEAMUSA, I decided that it's time for a wreath that's perfect for the "dog days of Summer"!

So I went with this fun flip flop wreath, I found on Pinterest.

The dollar store, craft stores, Old Navy $1 flipflop days... all are great resources for this fun wreath.  All you need is a bunch of flip flops and a hot glue gun! There are a few variations, and I chose the sunburst version...

It took me a few layouts to find a pattern I like... mixing up the colors of flip flops and the colors of the straps... Sometimes I get a little OCD.

Once you get your pattern (with every other one on the bottom/top) place hot glue on the bottom flip flop and press the top one on it.

Use the hands of your little ones to help you hold it down... especially if they want to help!

And keep doing it all the way around...

Let it sit and dry for a while, then check to see that each one is secure. I had to re-glue two of them that came loose.

I just used the flip flop placed on the wreath holder, didn't mess with ribbon or any other attachments.

Although, I admit it looks a little funny from the inside... :)


So, do you like it? or No? ... I'm still trying to decide!


  1. it is cute. Cathy

  2. THAT is utterly adorable! I may steal that idea...I have three nieces. How cute would that be if I used new, tiny little flip flops? Thanks for stopping by and YES! This fall we must meet at Penera Bread and get acquainted! This summer has been more crazy than usual and I thought THAT was impossible! My kids don't actually "go" to school since we use a cyber program...but I can leave them home alone now that they are older. A nice freedom :0). Enjoy the is GORGEMOUS outside!

  3. We have an above ground pool and a back deck. I am trying to make those areas fun for 14 grans. This is a fun idea! Really cute and maybe a way to use some 2 left feet flops we have around here. Lol


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