Sunday, June 27

happy anniversary to me

I did not intentionally wait for today to do this post... my week just got away from me! :) anyway this past week at Women Living Well, the focus was on remembering our wedding day, so I pulled out my scrapbook and took pictures of pictures to post, thought about my sweetie a lot and remembered all the fun we had. It was a very simple day, no stress at all... I was very nervous but very excited!!!

This was the most memorable part...

FOUR WEEKS before the wedding, and here is the threshold into the auditorium... we were in the middle of an expansion project!!

but the wedding went off without a hitch!! (or was there a hitch...we did get hitched! )

my bouquet, was ONE red rose amongst daisies (which happen to be my favorite)... when we were dating Wes sent me flowers and the card said... "In this world of daisies, You're a Rose"

Our lovely cake

the very first scrapbook page I ever did

and it's not a wedding without a kiss

So on this day, 12 years later, I remember our sweet wedding day!!! Happy Anniversary, Wesley!!


  1. Thanks for linking up at my place & reminiscing with me!! You two look so happy! Love the picture of your first married kiss! :)


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