Monday, July 5

Admiring my Dear Husband

This week's Marriage challenge is: Admire Your Husband. If you are a blogger write a post all about your husband and what you admire in him and then show it to him! He will smile!

In The Love Dare, (from the movie Fireproof) Day 7 is to make a list of the positive things about your spouse (and a list of some negative things). For some reason I have avoided that day... just skipped right over it. This challenge has given me the opportunity to get it started!!

In no particular order, things I love about Wes...

His commitment to a job well done: He has been at the same job for 10+ years, and although his job description and responsibilities have changed various times over the years, sometimes positive, sometimes negative, he always does his best at the task that he is given. I am proud of him!

He is no respecter of persons: The man can talk to ANYONE, anywhere... at a wedding, at the rescue mission, at the grocery store, at the park, at church, at a family reunion. He is willing to strike up a conversation with anyone who needs someone to talk to, even when he isn't sure what to say!

His public speaking abilities: Just this weekend he had the opportunity to fill in for an adult Sunday School class, and I could not have been more proud! He did an excellent job sharing his heart and staying true to God's Word. If he was nervous, he didn't show it. He has had opportunities to speak at the local rescue mission, teach in ABF (adult bible fellowship), and share his knowledge at the local college... this Spring he taught a class!! He loves to teach and he does a great job!!

His servant's attitude: if he sees a job that needs done, he is always willing to jump in and help! This has been even more obvious as he takes on responsibilities as a deacon in our church and as he leads our church's outreach to the local rescue mission. It's is also evident in the way he cares for his family (immediate and extended, when we see them).

His giving heart: He is always looking for ways to give to those who are in need, whether it is time, money, computer assistance, etc.

His technology skills and knowledge: The man knows his way around a computer... inside and out. Most of his abilities have been self-taught! His job revolves around computers, and he is always willing to help out those who are having computer problems.

His "dad" abilities: Our kids LOVE their dad! He can always make them laugh! They love to be with him! Just this evening, our littlest was wandering around the house yelling, "Dad, where are you?" over and over... too cute!! He is a "hands on" dad, who is very involved in his kids' lives!

He is a great help around the house: because our kids came so close together, when I was caring for the youngest, he jumped in to handle the oldest one... then two... then three! Even now that all four are getting bigger and I don't have a baby to care for, he is always helping with bath time, bed time routine, dinner time, etc. He has also been known to give the kitchen a scrub down a time or two, when it gets out of hand. Plus he always mows the lawn, shovels the walk, empties the cat box, and takes out the trash!!

His good looks: The man is HOT! :) He still makes my heart flutter when I see him walk in the room!! I love that I got a smart man, and a good looking one!! :) I thank God for him!!


  1. Ahhh! One of the best give you can give your kids is to love their dad! That is awesome! Thanks for stopping by the MODsquad blog today! We hope you stop by often and are always encouraged.

  2. Found you through Women Living Well. Sweet list. :)

  3. This is such a sweet tribute to him! He is blessed to have such an adoring wife. :)


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