Wednesday, July 28

My "did today" list

Yesterday was a rough start for me... I was trying to get so much accomplished and the kids kept needing me... for breaking up fights, for food, for drinks, for refereeing, for potty accidents, the list goes on and on. After a few heated moments, I let the "to-do" list go, and went out side and had fun with my kids, and filled bucket after bucket of water for our improvised pool (under-the-bed box), Then during naptime while I was on the computer instead of getting back to the "to-do" list, I came across this timely post by Jill Savage!

This quote was JUST what I needed!

“My whole life I have been complaining that my work was constantly interrupted, until I discovered the interruptions were my work.” ~~ Henri Nouwen

So, here is my "did today" list... from yesterday (not necessarily in order)

did my bible study
fed 4 kids breakfast
washed and changed my bed sheets
emptied the dishwasher
did another load of laundry
made my hubby lunch to take to work
got kids dressed
broke up some fights
talked to a friend
soaked in some Vitamin D
filled lots of water buckets
made a great dinner for my family
cleaned up the kitchen
washed pots/pans
beat my hubby in a game of "Words with Friends"
gave 2 little ones baths
changed all the kids bedsheets
folded 3 loads of laundry
cleaned up a pile (or two) of clutter

Wow, I am exhausted just reviewing the list! But all in all it turned out to be a profitable day. Now I need to get off the computer and make today profitable as well!!

MAKING A "DID TODAY" LIST works for me!! see other great ideas here!

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