Monday, August 2

giving thanks

Apparently I only blog on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday... Hopefully, I will get better at that. I do have some handmade card challenges to post later, but I wanted to start off with giving thanks. A positive attitude is always a good thing on a Monday morning! :)

26. My 7 year old son asking me to pick him up

27. pushing my girls on the neighbor's swing set

28. Ice cream sandwiches

29. collecting cookbooks

30. improvised water fun31. hanging clothes outside on the line to dry

32. hearing lawnmowers in the distance

33. the smell of fresh cut grass

34. free hand-me-downs for school uniforms!

35. a chance to make handmade notecards...

36. grilling out

37. using my crockpot

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holy experience

1 comment:

  1. What a beautiful list. We have been having a lot of fun with water too. Our slide is a favourite. I love your picture of your "water slide"! I love collecting cookbooks too. Unfortunately the ones I really love end up coming apart - like my Baking with Julia. (my absolute favourite!) Thanks for the reminders!


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