Monday, August 16

So much to be thankful for...

I had a very busy week visiting family, which left no time for blogging!  So I have lots of gifts to be thankful for this week... here is a recap of my week as I add to my 1000 gifts list!

38. Pasquale's Pizza and Wings (you just can't find pizza and wings like made in WNY)

39. making memories with Nanny and Papa... and the aunts, uncles and cousins!

40. learning a new game (Qwirkle)

41. enjoying my little sister's baking skills (delicious blueberry pie)

42. playground fun with the kids

43. walking through the creek on a hot day

44. watching my kids experience farm animals... milking cows, chickens, sheep, horses, "stinky pigs"

45. re-living my childhood with my kids and a ride on the Arcade/Attica Railroad

46. ring pops and tootsie pops for my kids (from Nanny)

47. going to the Erie County Fair

48. pig races at the Fair

49. Chiavetta's chicken at the Fair

50. a children's "art show"

51. Date night at the drag races!!

52. watching my Brother-in-law WIN at the drag races

53. the colors of farmers market

54. breakfast in the park

55. campfire and S'mores at Nanny and Papa's house

56. sleeping in my own bed again!!

holy experience

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