Monday, August 23

Very busy, but still thankful

holy experience

Wow, I really intended to post more than once a week... it is hard to gather blog friends if you aren't blogging...  I do have good reason.  Found out last Monday that I will be moving THIS Friday... doesn't leave much time for blogs... my google reader is overflowing!! However it does give me soo much to be thankful for... MULTITUDES!

57. getting the great news that we are getting the house we have been praying about for over 6 months!!!

58. losing 10 lbs this summer

59. attending an informational meeting for the new school my kids will be attending

60. boxes, boxes, boxes... from Wegmans, from friends, from hubby's work

61. scads of childcare offers so I can pack

62. My friend Sheila

63. Wkids, free childcare option while grocery shopping at Wegmans!!

64. new recipes, that turn out delicious!

65. the opportunity to serve at the Scranton Rescue Mission

66. my local church

67. Psych, that TV show makes me LAUGH!  laughter is always good!!

68. having help in packing... I could NEVER do it alone

69. DOVE Dark Chocolates

70. fuzzy blanket to be wrapped up in!!

this list is a part of Multitude Monday @ holy experience

Short and sweet, no pictures or extras... gotta get some sleep for more packing this week!!

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