Monday, November 22

seeing the gifts in sickness

Joining Ann Voskamp's Gratitude Community has done wonders for my perspective on life!  This weekend did not go as I had originally planned, but each stop along the way, I found the positives to focus on instead of complaining.  The stomach flu stopped by our house... not exactly something to be thankful for,  but I will still give thanks in all things!!

172. my son not getting sick until the weekend, so he didn't miss any school
173. trash cans to use as buckets
174. TV to entertain sick kids
175. still being able to scrapbook for a few hours
176. experimenting with Creative Memories Storybook 3.0 digital software
177. cheeseballs with bacon
178. splitting duties with my husband so that I could go to church in the morning
179. seeing the love of the body of Christ in action in our church
180. seeing 2 of my kids in a preview of their Christmas program... so cute!
181. having my 2YO give me kisses in church
182. watching her fold her hands and close her eyes during prayer time and try so hard to keep them that way.
183. feeling only sympathy and love instead of frustration when my 2YO got sick!
184. snuggling close to her on a toddler bed mattress multiple times in the night to help her fall back asleep.
185. hearing her precious, "tank you, mommy" as I held her and covered her with new blankets and changed her yucky diapers.
186. My dear husband handling the 5YO when she succumbed in the wee hours of the morning
187. washing machines... lots of towels, blankets, clothes loads today
188. running water, indoor plumbing
189. soap and hot water
190. reading books to my kids (even when I don't feel like it)
191. finally getting a few hours of sleep
192. sunshine and mild temps, so the healthy kids could go outside and play this morning
193. a long naptime
194. week long Thanksgiving break with no plans, so we can rest and recover
195. no expectations for Turkey on Thanksgiving day... already adjusting my menu!
196. scented candles
197. Wonder  Chicken (that my husband is bringing home for dinner)
198. pulling out our fibre optic Christmas tree to cheer the home
199. the ability to give thanks even in the unpleasant
200. God's mercies are new every day and just what I need for that day!

holy experience

Here's hoping that our house is up and feeling back to normal soon!!  But in everything GIVE THANKS!!


  1. Sorry you had a rough weekend - thanks for sharing your thanks! Your kids are so sweet. :)

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  3. i loved the title of this post - seeing the GIFTS in sickness! what a great perspective right there. i think it helps us to be more grateful when we make lists like this! it just makes you have to stop and THINK! :)

    happy new year to you!


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