Tuesday, November 16

A walk to the mailbox

Our mailbox is over a half mile from our front door.  I typically get the mail while driving in or out to pick up the kids from school. but occasionally (just twice now) we have taken the walk out to the mailbox to get the mail... once which was Veteran's Day and there was no mail... O well, at least we got some fresh air and exercise! :)

So anyway, in honor of Sweet Shot Tuesday and Top Ten Tuesday, here are 10 pictures from our walk to the mailbox and back!! :)

1. Red berries: I love anything red, these are in the cow pasture.

 2. Oreo Cow number one... they just stare at you, their eyes follow you as you walk by

 3. Oreo Cow number two... do you know how SCARY these cows can be when you see them close up???  and then they start MOOOOing when you walk by and that can be a little nerve wracking too.  They fascinate me and make me nervous all at the same time.

 4. a little love note right on the pavement... it made me smile!  :)

 5. My sweet little Sunshine... she is a little afraid of the cows when they start mooing. "Da cows stare me, mommy" (the cows scare me, mommy)

 6. My little girls running around the field next to our driveway... love the exercise!!

7. The sunset through the trees... I love God's creation and the view!!

8. The moon... enough said!

 9. My girls running down our long driveway

10. the windmills you can see from my yard... way far away on the mountain across the valley.


  1. So much beauty, from just a walk to the mailbox! You are blessed.

  2. What beautiful photos! Especially the crescent moon above the trees. :)

    Debra aphotographicmemory.typepad.com

  3. What a beautiful walk and beautiful photos. I love that love note!


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