Friday, February 4

The best email


Of course He doesn't,
but sometimes
we act like He does.
Imagine a life where God is God.

Imagine yourself at LYFE 2011:


So Lisa-Jo (can I call you that?) asked us to talk about the best mail we have received lately... and I realized that pathetically I do not receive much mail, but I receive lots of email.. mostly junk!  But today I received an email that made me smile... and jump up and down a little inside!  See, I watch all these twitter/blog storms about blogging conferences and stuff and I get a little jealous because it's just a little bit out of my league.  But this... THIS LYFE Conference I can get excited about... because it is in my area, I know these people, I know this place, and I LOVE IT!!!  So immediately, I scoured the website and started planning... forwarded it to my sisters to see if they are free!  I am also excited because this year I am going to be the group coordinator for my church! and I can't wait to get together with a group of the ladies I love and am around all the time, to deepen our relationships right here!!

Ladies come from all over to this little conference on the campus of Baptist Bible College...PA, NY, NJ, OH, and beyond!!  I highly recommend it.  The main speaker is someone I love, who loves me. She has raised 5 kids and is full of wisdom and lives out Titus 2 every day!!


now I am going to take my longer than 5 minutes to put in a couple of links in case you are interested!!  If you want to join my group, send me a message, I will gladly include you!

PS: just wanted to mention that there is a show with Harris III and a concert with Martha Bolton included in the weekend!!

what can you write in 5 minutes (or a little more)?  #FiveMinuteFriday  (okay, I went a little overboard with the links)  give me some love anyway! :)

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