Monday, February 7

counting blessings

So here I am on Sunday evening, sitting here watching the Super Bowl, although i really don't care much about the teams that are playing... in fact, I haven't really cared for a Super Bowl since 1991-1994 ... Yes, I grew up in Buffalo and those 4 years they made it, but didn't win it were crazy ridiculous, but this post is not about the Super Bowl.

By far the only commercial worth watching again and again is Little Darth Vader!! LOVE IT!!!

I had to put it on my page, just so I could come back and watch it again and again!!  :)

so anyway... tomorrow is Monday and that means Multitude Monday.  I always think of this last minute and then try to rush through my list... reviewing my week. so I decided to do it tonight instead. but now I just want to go to bed, because I have a headache!!  This past week was full of snow days and a sick kid so I didn't get out much at all, but as I look back in review, I still find so many gifts to be thankful for!!

301. My sweet hubby buying me yellow tulips on a snow day... I needed some sunshine!!
302. pajama days
303. neighbor kids
304. my (2 older) kids playing in the snow ALL DAY!!!
305. my feverish son telling knock-knock jokes when the Motrin kicked in
306. unconditional love... from my God, my husband, my kids!!
307. memorizing Scripture... this week it is Ephesians 4:29
Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers.
308. is it silly to be thankful for a cute, family friendly Super Bowl commercial... seriously it was the best ever!
309. A timely post... that I need every day!
310. My brother-in-law totally making me burst out laughing, just with a text!  I have also been known to burst out laughing when he sends an email... it's ALWAYS funny!!
311. vacuuming my entire house... it took some time but brought some satisfaction
312. finally getting out of the house for an afternoon... my stops included Target, Michaels, Walmart and Aldi!
313. finally getting to eat Buffalo wings during the Superbowl... once again, it's been years!!
314. getting an email notice... while I was typing this blog post... that 2 of my cards at Mercy House Shop sold!!  hurray!! so excited to have a small part in this ministry!!

to count your blessings, and to read others' blessings, go visit A Holy Experience!

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