Friday, February 25

Five Years Ago

Five Minute Friday prompt from The Gypsy Mama... "give me your best five minutes on life five years ago."


Five years ago, I was living in denial... two months of denial!! I was pregnant AGAIN!! How did this happen? (don't answer that, I do know) My second born was only 9 months old, my first born not even 3!! Me, the girl who hated babysitting while growing up... and who refused to change diapers when I did!

My husband was thrilled, he always wanted a large family.
My Dad thought God had a sense of humor... and he called me Fertile Myrtle!
I worried and fretted and complained and didn't want to tell anyone!!

How would we afford another child? where would he/she fit in our TWO bedroom trailer? There isn't room for another crib! I will have 2 in diapers for ever! WHY ME??? I had many friends around me that were trying so hard to get pregnant and have kids... and me, I didn't have to try AT ALL!!

Plus there was the whole sinus/cold sickness!! I always got it when pregnant and could never treat it properly with the pregnancy! Seriously, I had sinus issues from January till May!!

The end of February was where I finally started coming to terms with the idea... it seriously did take me two months. I even shared it on my blog in February (back then I was on XANGA)

Now, I have an adorable 4 1/2 year old little girl, who is my cuddle bug!!



  1. Yep, i know the feeling! thanks for sharing.

  2. What a sweet little girl!

    I remember my friends having Xanga!

    P.S. You are the WINNER of the $20 Dayspring Gift Certificate from my giveaway!

    I will e-mail you the code!! YAY!

  3. Our first 2 are 15 months apart which scared me to death, now i wish there was a #4 so number 3 would have a close buddy like my first 2!

  4. So glad for Xanga! And God does have a sense of humor, doesn't He?!?!

  5. That line "God has sense of humor" is something I say all the time. LOL Because, you know, He does! :)

    I'm here via Five Minute Friday. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading your post!

  6. awww what a great glimpse into your life then! god sure does have a sense of humor! =)

  7. The picture of the girl is very sweet. And you are seems to be very stressed by getting pregnant and therefore you should not feel like this anymore. As your husband likes this to do up.


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