Monday, February 21

Family Traditions

Do you have any family traditions??  we don't have many, but as the kids get older, I think more are creating themselves!  They make me smile... this is what memories are made of, even when the event itself is not perfect!!  I am learning to let go of perfections.

One of our family traditions is the Clarks Summit Festival of Ice... which makes me wonder, how many years have we been doing this... pardon me, while I go check my photo files... okay, so it's only been three years, but the year before that I had a one month old, not too conducive to freezing our butts off outside!  :)  it always looks a little different, and sometimes we get involved in the extra activities, but it ALWAYS includes breakfast at Krispy Kreme and walking through town taking pictures of all the ice sculptures!!  So here is a little bit of our adventure in pictures! (and some of my #1000 gifts along the way)

336. little girls and donuts with pink and red sprinkles

337. little boys and wide open mouths
338. Angel creme donuts... delish!!

339. precious time with family
340. a fully involved and engaged husband and daddy!

341. cheesy grins on adorable little girls

342. Ice sculptures

343. imaginations... "Mommy, I'm riding the carriage"

344. Generous people to take a whole family photo!!!

345. Warming centers... to thaw out and get a snack/lunch
346. Motrin... to help my "getting sick" little girl make it through the morning

 ... it was in the 50s on Friday the first day of the festival, so the sculptures wilted a little by the time we saw them on Saturday when it was back in the 20s and WINDY cold!!
(this is what's left of Peter Pan, Captain Hook, and Tinkerbell)

347. Family Traditions
348. photographs to reminisce

and a few other photos and gifts this week...

 349. candle light

350. fire light

351. sunlight... (on the trees in the first pic of the moon)
352. and moon light

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  1. #350 makes me feel so cozy....I need to get me a fireplace! :)


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