Monday, February 14

Happy Valentines Day

315. A day to celebrate love
316. a new recipe for school treat cookies
317. Pink, Red, White
318. handmade valentines from my hubby and kids
319. Red tablecloths
320. free printables on the internet

321. heart shaped muffin tins
322. cinnamon struesel muffins

 323. heart shaped peanut butter sandwiches in my kids lunches
 324. pretty pictures
 325. Valentines muffin cups

326. decorating my "mantle" for Valentines Day
 327. Fun Valentine Crafts... found here on the internet!

328. My Valentine's door hanger (plate from Target and some heart ribbon)
329. My Red Front Door (such a gift from God... someday I will tell you about it)
 330. Socks with HEARTS!!
 331. Heart stamped paper in my coasters
 332. Dessert for tonight!!

333. A husband to love, and who loves me
334. Hugs and kisses from my four kids
335. Sunshine... God's valentine to me!!

still adding to my #1000 gifts list!!


  1. I am loving those heart paper chains!

  2. what a lovely post, full of red and pink and hearts and LITTLE DEBBIE!
    I like it, a LOT!

  3. I know it’s Friday and Ann’s “Multitude Monday” was ages ago – but there are so many lists to get through. I’m really glad I made down to yours.

    And my fave?? ~ 331. Heart stamped paper in my coasters (it’s not all spiritual and deep – but it’s HEARTS – I love hearts – I think Love is the thing in life – God’s love lived out in pink, red, blue, purple, whatever – I heart God – I heart hearts – I hearted this whole list)

    God Bless and Keep You and yours


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