Monday, March 28

babies, babies, babies!!

I know lots of people having babies these days... thankfully, it's not me this time around!!  One however, is my little sister and I wanted to make her thank you notes for her baby shower!! so I cleaned and organized my craft room last week... and then I got busy!!  The one set I made is based on a set I had made before, but with boy colors this time.  I have another redo that I will be working on tomorrow, but today, I wanted to make something new... then I found this FTL132 sketch from Clean & Simple!

I knew I could make a cute baby thank you with this... and I think I did!

 I love baby feet!!  and I love making matching envelopes, and I added little feet inside the card, too.  I also used adorable scrapbook paper that I have had sitting around for YEARS (my son is going to be 8 soon)!!
look, a whole set of them!!

I liked it so much I made a girl set, too!!

hoping I can get them uploaded to my online card shop soon!!  (this whole trying to run an online card shop is harder than it looks... )

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  1. Those are just darling. I really like the baby feet, that is sweet. What a very thoughtful thing to do. Congrats to your sister and your whole family. Babies are a delight.


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