Monday, April 11

counting... with pictures

still counting....
As I look over my twitter feed and my facebook updates over the last week... it was a pretty boring week, or else I was too busy to update much!! so let's how many gifts from God I can remember from memory this week!

382. Pediatricians,
383. antibiotics,
384. motrin to ease the pain of a double ear infection for my baby girl!
385. Wild Turkey in the back yard (I have begun "stalking" my back field to see what creature I can find)
386. what I think was an EAGLE in my back field
387. impromptu time with a friend while our kids played together after school
388. taking a 4-wheeler ride with my husband! SO MUCH FUN!
389. burgers on the grill,
390. chocolate cream pie
391. fellow-shipping with friends from church
392. having my 3YO asking for seconds of cauliflower... the only vegetable she likes apparently!
393. talking to my parents for a while... it's been too long!
394. surviving a two week funk!!
395. finding solace in the Psalms
396. Hearing "I love you" from the mouths of my children... even right after I raise my voice at them!!
397. only needing a spring jacket Sunday morning!!
398. french-braiding my 5YO's (almost 6) hair!!
399. letting my girls play in the mud... although I got frustrated with them during clean up!
400. reading "The Jesus Storybook Bible" with my kids.

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