Thursday, April 28

Spring Green Rag Wreath

2012 update: Are Rag Wreaths still in!?!  Cause I love mine! I was so excited to take down my Valentine's Door decor and put up this wreath again! I am sharing it with The CSI Project's Spring Decor theme this week!!  And it makes me give thanks again for my Red Door, perfect background for this wreath!
So rag wreaths are a dime a dozen on the internet, and they should be because this project didn't cost me a dime!!  Here is my "tutorial" for my Spring/St. Patrick's Day Rag Wreath! Go make one!

STEP 1: Call your crafty sewing mom (or any friends you have) because you don't have a lick of fabric in your house! Wait until your sister comes to visit and brings a stash of green scraps from mom!!

STEP 2: find an old wire hanger in your house and make it into a circle shape... the delightful thing is that it doesn't have to be perfect!! .. also a ruler can be helpful unless you like to eyeball it.
STEP 3: cut a bunch of 4-5 inch strips of fabric about 1 inch thick.  Mine were actually 6 inches long, and while it worked fine and I still love the end result, I think if I do it again for another season/holiday, I will make them shorter. (no picture of my strips laid out)

STEP 4: (this step is the longest) Have your girls attempt to tie a few strips on the wire hanger so you can take pictures for blog tutorial. Discover that they can't tie a knot to save their lives, but they had fun helping you.

 They get tired quickly and then you can move to step 5.

STEP 5: (okay this is really the longest step) Randomly tie little strips of fabric all around the wire hanger until it is very full looking.

STEP 6: choose a long strip of plain fabric and tie it into a long bow to hang your wreath
STEP 7: Then hang your beautiful rag wreath on your door and enjoy!!

... here are some close up shots of the variety of prints I used to make this wreath! this was great for Spring/St. Patrick's Day, but I think I might make it again with some other colors/themes!! (but first I have to get more fabric from my mom! :)

Thank you to The CSI Project for inspiring me!  Go check them out

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  1. Ok, this is amazing and beautiful! Might have to give it a try someday... :)


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