Friday, April 29

If I could ...

How can I hate something and love it all at the same time?  I look forward to FiveMinuteFriday every week, but when I see the prompt that Lisa-Jo provides, I panic and I spend the next 3-4 hours stewing it over in my head, stressing about what to say, which angle to take, how to say what I am feeling without being negative (I am working on the pessimism, I promise) ... sometimes I think about how I can make it all "spiritual" and then other times I just skip it all together because I can't handle the pressure (I only did that once) ... but that's not what Five Minute Friday is all about ...
it is (in the words of Lisa-Jo) ...

"throwing caution (editing, revising, and worrying) to the winds and just write. Without wondering if it’s just right or not.   For five minutes flat. You're welcome to play along. The rules are easy.

  1. Write your heart out for five minutes and show us what you’ve got.
  2. Tell your readers you’re linking up here and invite them to play along.
  3. And most importantly, go visit, read, and encourage the fellow five-minuter who linked up right before you.{Pretty please turn off word verification for the day to make this easier!}
Easy peasy."

This week's prompt is  If I knew I could, I would ...


The problem with this week's prompt is ... I DON'T KNOW!!!  A friend and I were just discussing this yesterday.

I would ... be the perfect mom... no yelling, always smiling, lots of fun, but still disciplining as needed... biblically of course!

I would ... have a clean house

I would ... be selfless in my marriage

I would ... have chickens and a garden and enjoy getting my hands dirty (okay not really, but I wish I was like this)

I would ... return to my childhood dream of being an architect and designing house plans

I would ... be successful in an online handmade stationery shop. I would make beautiful handmade handstamped cards that everyone would want to buy... to support my habit to buy more papercrafting supplies. (and send cards to those around me to encourage others...working on my #3in30 goals)

I would ... be a famous blogger ... using the extra income to love on those around me

I would ... be a photographer

I would ... not stress about life

I would ... be a better friend, listener, encourager ... maybe even a mentor, now that I am not so young anymore


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  1. Oh, yes, being completely selfless is also on my list!


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