Friday, May 13

Deep Breath

Allergy season has been in full swing this week in my neck of the woods... itchy throat, itchy watery eyes, uncontrollable sneezing, constant runny nose!! Yes, I have all those symptoms, to the Nth degree!!  I thought I was gonna die... Benadryl wasn't working... found a Children's Claritin bottle in my medicine cabinet and took a dose in the middle of the night, was finally able to sleep!!

Then I had to wait 24 hours to take another dose... by the end of Thursday, I could barely breathe.  My lungs were soo inflamed, every breath took serious effort.  The doctors offices were closed by then, what was I to do?  I didn't think it was bad enough for the ER yet... too much effort with 4 kids to think of, too!

Then I remembered...  Over a year ago, I had been sick (possible crazy flu... what was that one that people were dying of? yeah, that one) Anyway, in the midst of that, I had been given an albuterol inhaler!  So I dug through my medicine cabinet... JACKPOT!  shook it big, large exhale, put it into my mouth and DEEP BREATH ...and relief

I might just survive!


what you just witnessed is my late Friday submission to Five Minute Friday!  It's been one heck of a day, but I finally found Five Minutes... maybe you can, too!  If not this week, then stop by next Friday at The Gypsy Mama!


  1. I totally take being able to breath deeply for granted! I so quickly forget those times as I child, or late pregnancy where I couldn't.

  2. I can totally relate to this post. I have terrible allergies, and my albuterol inhaler has helped me finally get to sleep many a night. That is a great feeling when you finally can take a deep breath!!

  3. Swine flu. I'm glad it could help you out. I love reading your "five minutes"--Holly

  4. I'm praying you can breath freely and effortlessly very soon. Feel better!

  5. I'm glad you got some relief from it! That sounded terrible. I hope you're feeling better now!


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