Monday, May 9

Beginning of May's gifts

didn't do a good job of daily counting this week... so here's my attempt to review the gifts God gave me this week... I am sure there are many more than my brain can remember right now!

552. God's timing in our van breaking down
553. our neighbor's help (more than once) this week, while the van was in the shop
554. girl's excitement at a friend's birthday party
555. washing machines and dryers
556. my 4YO beyond excited for swim lessons... and having so much fun!
557. having a friend's company during swim lessons
558. working on cleaning out my fridge for #31DaystoClean... even if it didn't get finished
559. cleaning out clothes ... receiving hand-me-downs for my kids
560. 10 minute cleaning sessions
561. deer in the backfield again
562. forgiveness
563. tacos for dinner
564. Sweet hubby doing the dishes!
565. running water in my house... when my kids play in the dirt!
566. 6YO could NOT wait to start reading her new Bible... up early to read before school
567. lighting candles
568. coffee and Bible reading combined
569. God speaking to me through the Psalms... my current favorite book of the Bible
570. listening to my 3YO "read" Brown Bear, Brown Bear
571. eating Free chicken and pizza from Dominos... won in a twitter contest!! :)
572. selling a handful of last minute Mother's Day cards to friends and my sister!
573. Knowing that our van is really God's... when it's declared dead and we need a new vehicle in order to fit the whole family!! (looking for recommendations for a 6-8 passenger vehicle!)
574. Hearing my husband trusting God regarding our vehicle situation... while I fret and stew!!
575. my sweet 6YO at her ballet recital 

576. dandelion decorations

577. flowers... even little ones

counting my gifts with Ann Voskamp at A Holy Experience!!


  1. Oh I love the little pansies or violets, they are so cheerful and lovely. Your handmade Mother's Day cards are gorgeous! I'm jealous of your talents. Maybe I should try the 10 min. cleaning sessions. I seem to bog myself down with thinking of all that needs to be done and trying to do it all at the SAME time! I've thanked the Lord for washing machines and dryers in my 1,000 list too. They are a God send. I'm sorry to hear of your van and will pray a reasonable replacement comes available. Happy Be-lated Mother's Day! I enjoyed your gifts.

  2. This is my first time visiting your blog. I love the idea of paying attention to God's gifts. It's so easy to get caught up in life and forget how blessed we are ever for the little things. Thanks for the reminder. :)


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