Monday, May 30

Got my mojo back!

Apparently, I just needed a good dose of sunshine and some specific orders for cards for me to find my mojo again!!  I have been a card making machine over the last two weeks!!  Here are some pictures of my most recent creations!!  :)  Do you like them?  Do you want one??  Let me know and I will get a special order up for you on my artfire shop!!

I am giving thanks for ...

628. creativity, a gift from God
629. all my crafting supplies
630. A dedicated table to making cards, so I can easily come back to my card-making in between all the children's needs
631. A husband who helps entertain the kids so I can get lots of cards made
632. Anniversaries to celebrate

 633. Teachers at Summit Christian Academy, who invest in the lives of my little ones. (these were the cards I gave them to say thankyou ...6 of one color to each teacher)

 634. fun scrapbooking paper that makes cute cards
635. glittery spray to make "sparkling" candle flames
 636. a friend of a friend who wanted a variety of Birthday Cards.

637. having a card idea come together for me... not just in my head, but on paper, too!

638. working on my blog post Sunday night, because I know that I am going to be super busy tomorrow!
639. anticipating a family day for Memorial Day
640. giving thanks for those who sacrificed for me to have FREEDOM!!!

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  1. Julie Anne I love, love, love your cards....they are truly special and unique...the teachers of your dear ones will be so pleased to receive these...what a blessing. TK xx


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