Wednesday, May 25

Selling Handmade

I know I have a few artsy/crafty people that read my blog. and I originally started this blog as a way to promote my handmade creations. However, God must have had other plans because it really hasn't happened.  My favorite blog posts are Multitude Mondays and Five Minute Friday, but occasionally, I do post pictures of my most recent card creations.

Making handmade, handstamped notecards has been a hobby of mine for some time now!  Here is an old picture of a collection of some of my earliest creations.

I stocked up on all sorts of fun supplies through Stampin Up!  My friend was a demonstrator for a while. The time I spend on making cards has ebbed and flowed depending on my life circumstances. I always saw it as a nice affordable gift... multipacks for birthdays and Christmas, thank you notes for teachers, new brides, and new moms, etc... but lately I have been trying to turn my hobby into a business.

When I started selling on Artfire over a year ago, I went with the Basic membership, because I was afraid to put any money into a venture that I wasn't sure was going to succeed.  Then in the fall, I jumped on the bandwagon when they had a lock-in rate promotion! Here are FIVE things I like about selling on Artfire!

1. No listing fees --this is a no-brainer!  If I had my act together I could list as many items as I wanted without my monthly price going up!
2. Promotions through Collections --I always feel so special when people choose one of my handmade notecards for a collection of items that they like!  And I have so much fun creating collections and seeing what other people are selling!
3. Linked to Google Shopping --it's so exciting to see my cards show up in Google searches for specific cards
4. Great interactions with the Guilds --connecting with likeminded people
5. They have a Referral Program --if you visit Artfire and like what you see, sign up using my Referral Link and we will both get a free month!!

Like most things, you get out of it what you put into it! So as soon as I get my act together and create some new cards... get them uploaded and listed on Artfire, I look forward to it being a profitable venture!!  I would love to have you join me, with whatever fun crafts, or homemade gifts you make!

In the comments, let me know what you love to create!!

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  1. Your handmade cards are so cute, I love the stamps! Also, these are very great reasons to join artfire. :]


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